There are lots of competition on the market that are providing Lone worker alarm to many leading companies and organizations including Network Rail, Department of the Environment and many others to make them feel safe and protective whether you are available at your place or not those companies are available for your help in any kind of emergency cases to resolve your described problem. These devices help you to monitor your workers every time to have check on them weather they are working with perfection and acting professionally or they are ruining your place.

Function of Lone worker alarms

Our devices protect lone working staff at risk from threats, falls or personal attack. Our lone worker alarm systems and have panic buttons and GPS tracking that will call and text alert messages to your chosen contacts or security staff. Tried and tested our range of lone worker devices and used at different places to attest them that are they working properly or not and is it safe lone worker hazards- in the form of emergency. Just like other lone worker alarm providers we also have our own cost effective Security SIM cards. This means there is only one point of contact for the device and SIM card. This also puts us in a unique position where we can monitor two way connections remotely if a unit stops working for any reason so can check on them.